On May 23rd the Army of the Potomac, the army of the east, marched through Washington D.C. in a grand parade. The following day, May 24th, The Army of the Tennessee, the army of the west, paraded through the streets of Washington. I finally received my due when General Sherman requested that I lead the parade as the official commander of the Army of the Tennessee. I… no, not I, but my fine black stallion, Slasher lead the parade. 

As we passed the capitol dome I saw a banner that proclaimed “There is but one debt we can never pay, the debt of gratitude we owe Union Soldiers.” I have never felt so much admiration for these rag-tag soldiers. My boys might have been a bit dirty, their uniforms patched, and missing a few brass buttons, some of them did not even have boots, but their bronzed and weathered countenance, and their swaggered, long striding march caused one of them to brag, we were “the healthiest and bravest lot of dare-devils that ever paraded in review before an American public.” We had won more battles, captured more Confederates and covered more ground than any other corps in the Union army and I have never felt more proud to be a member of this army.


18. Negro Rights