I have very fond memories from my boyhood here in Egypt.  Here are two stories from my early years I like to tell: I remember one time I was fishing in the Big Muddy River down near where it joins the Mississippi. I caught a 50 pound catfish, Yoo-hoo! But there was no one there to share my glorious moment. SO, late at night, under the cover of darkness, I took that fish to a neighbor’s farm pond. I made sure the hook and line were secure, then slipped that fish into that pond. The next day when a dozen folks were about, Yoo-Hoo! I caught a 50 pound catfish! I hear tell that neighbors are still fishing in that pond hoping to catch another one!

Another time my little brother Tommy and I were walking home late in the evening, long after dark. My brother Tommy was not paying attention to where he was going. I hope you do not have a little brother like my brother Tommy. It seems like that boy was always in and out of trouble, expecting me to bail him out. I had found an old black bottle and was flipping and playing with this empty bottle when Tommy wandered off the trail. G-R-O-W-L!! A cougar, a panther sprung up out of nowhere and lunged at my little brother! I saw the cougar in the nick of time. Elbowing Tommy out of the way, I leapt forward and smashed the bottle over the cougar’s nose! I then slashed the cougar’s throat with the broken bottle. Leaving the cougar twitching and bleeding in the dirt, we high-tailed it out of there! Some say that story is an example of my boundless bravery in times of danger; others say it is an example of my fool hardy nature in times of trouble… I will let you decide!


4. My Father