General John A Logan is here to give you a personal tour of his museum telling stories of the adventures of his early years, his service in the Civil War and his amazing political life.

As you tour the museum you can simply click on the number below when you see the corresponding number on the sign within the exhibit. Please use your ear buds so you can adjust the volume to your preference without disturbing other museum visitors.

  2. Logan’s Portrait
  3. Young Jack
  4. My Father
  5. CIVIL WAR - Reluctance and Speech Before Grants Men
  6. First Bull Run
  7. Battle of Belmont
  8. Fort Donaldson & Mary’s Grief
  9. Zela
  10. Emancipation & Colored Troops
  11. A Pony for my Daughter
  12. Moving Towards Vicksburg
  13. Grant’s Letter
  14. Great Union Speech
  15. Marching On Atlanta
  16. Raleigh, NC
  17. Grand Review
  18. Negro Rights
  19. Still Hunt
  20. Funeral & Quotes from Newspapers Around the Country


 These are true stories excerpted from the book General Black Jack Logan by Brian "Fox" Ellis. For more information about this multimedia book or to invite Logan to your school, library, conference or Civil War re-enactment visit