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Welcome to the Museum

The General John A. Logan Museum celebrates one of the most noteworthy nineteenth century Americans to escape notice in the 20th and 21st centuries. Among his legacies are modern veterans' benefits and Memorial Day. His advocacy of equality for African Americans and women was well ahead of his time.


Our museum also celebrates the role of "Egypt" (Southern Illinois) in the Civil War, provides educational and cultural programs, and is a gateway for regional tourism.


Who Was John A. Logan?


He was: General Grant's favorite officer, one of Illinois' most powerful Senators, Founder of Memorial Day as a national holiday, and Mark Twain's favorite public speakers ... Or as historian Gary Ecelbarger has said, "John A. Logan may be the most noteworthy nineteenth century American to escape notice in the twenty-first century."


How does a man go from a small town lawyer to Vice Presidential Candidate and at his death a Presidential hopeful?


What pushed him from becoming Abraham Lincoln's bitter rival to campaigning for Lincoln's re­election? How does an avid racist and author of Illinois' Black Laws become an advocate for African American Civil Rights and education? Visit the General John A. Logan Museum and maybe you will better understand why Frederick Douglas said, if a man like Black Jack Logan can have a change of heart then there is hope for everyone


Major General John A. Logan was born in 1826 in what is now Murphysboro, Illinois. In fact, the town began as a gift of 20 acres from his parents Dr. John and Elizabeth Logan in 1843.

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Video Tour


Please follow this link and General John A Logan will gladly give you a guided video tour of the museum sharing stories from though out his adventures life. Please wear an ear bud or ear phones so his raucous stories do not offend those who cannot listen in. In every gallery you will see a small number in the lower right hand side of various signs. Click on that number to hear the next tale!